Monday, February 20, 2012

Purses Galore!

I've always loved old purses. From my earliest trips to antique stores and flea markets, I've always been drawn to them. 
It's so much fun imagining about the person who bought them new. Was it for a special event? Something to complete a special outfit? Was it carried with a tailored suit, or a flowing skirt?

As you can see, I have a eclectic mix in my collection.

Here's a close up of my little 1904 St Louis Worlds Fair purse. I wonder if someone made it to carry to the fair, or if they were sold as souvenirs there? Can't you just imagine a lady wearing a long skirt and ruffled blouse, perhaps a fitted jacket, wearing gloves, and this little bag hanging from her wrist as she perused the exhibits at the fair?

Do you see the frog? Yes, it's a taxidermied (is that a word?) frog coin purse I found while in the Philippines last year. I decided since I collected purses, I needed that one!

Not all of the purses in my collection are old, some are sentimental, like the grey poodle purse that was crocheted by my sister. Some aren't purses at all, like the art glass "purse" in the back of this photo.
 Look at the length of this one!

I think I've mentioned that I collect vintage Florida souvenir items too. Here's a couple that cross over into my purse collection. A small mirrored compact from Bok Tower Florida and a small metal photo keeper with a sweet declaration printed inside.
 Acrylic purses from the 50's just make me smile. 
And can a purse collection be complete without a few Enid Collins in the mix?
I display them in my "purse room".. It's also my "sewing room".. You could say it's my Happy Place :o)

Do you have any special collections? I'd love to hear about them, if you do!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my collection with you. Have a wonderful week! :)


  1. WOW! What a wonderful collection! I've bought a couple over the years and have a beaded bag that was my grandmother's! I love them, too. You have them displayed nicely so that you can see and enjoy them! I hope you can visit me soon...I made an announcement on my blog and I need some encouragement! ♥♥♥

  2. WoW! I love your collection! I adore your PURPLE PURSE ROOM! Beautiful! Following.

  3. Thanks for coming to visit my new shop! I appreciate your sweet comments and friendship! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  4. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!
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  5. Stopping by from the Pink Sundays Hop!

  6. Very cute Tammy! I love old purses too. I do not have a collection like this though. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow! Tht is an amazing collection. I am going to share it on my facebook page.
    My gramma had some sparkly clutch bags and I always loved to play with them when I was little =)
    Great memories!!

  8. Such an amazing collection! I love the art glass "purse" so much! I may have dreams about the one that looks like a vintage suitcase with the pearls on it :)

  9. Neat collection!! Happy to have you at Things I've Done Thursday!

  10. Oh, my, gosh ! ! ! You have a fantastic collection of purses. Like a museum almost, really like how you grouped them for the pics. Found you at the Kiss Me I'm Irish party

  11. WOW!! What a fantastic collection of vintage purses!! I especially love the beaded Victorian and Edwardian ones!!


  12. Thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday

    Natasha xxx

  13. These are gorgeous.. and I just adore how you have them displayed.. what a wonderful collection! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink hippo party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

  14. That is a great collection. I really thought it was neat to see the Bok Tower compact and photo holder, since I've been there.

  15. wow what a fantastic collection you've got !