Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cards Game

I've been neglecting my blog of late. Work's been a bear. Seventy hour work weeks don't leave a lot of time for blogging or anything else for that matter. Things are better now. I just had the perfect storm of projects all happening at once, but the deadlines have been met and things are back to normal now. 

I have a back log of things to post about, so I'll probably make up for the missed weeks in the coming days. Hopefully I haven't permanently lost any subscribers. If you're one of them that's stuck it out, thanks!

To really appreciate this post you must know that I am as unlucky as they come when it comes to winning a drawing. If I buy a charity raffle ticket I right away consider it a contribution, because I know I won't win.

My employer was generous to offer Cardinal tickets to the employees, so I put my name in the hat, and guess what? They drew my name! Yay! And for a game on a day that I had already planned to take off work, (partly to recover from the long work days from the last few weeks). 

The St Louis Cardinals! Here's a photo journal of the game. 

Pretty sweet seats, huh?

The arch. 
Fred Bird, pregame, warming up the crowd .
The World Champions take the field. 
The line up. 
My little Nikon Coolpix does a great job, but check out this guy's giant camera! 

The World Champion's dugout 

Did I mention that we're the World Champions? :) 
Fred Bird working the crowd 
David Freese, the MVP of the world series last year. He wasn't in the lineup for the game but came out once to pinch hit.

We didn't win, but in our defense, I'm sure The Cards were tired. After all they spanked Cincinnati 11-1 the night before. It was great to see the game! Mr ShowMe and I had a blast! 

Here's one last picture for the day. The St Louis Arch from a stop light as we were leaving down town St Louis after the game.

Check back in the coming days. I'm working on a tutorial for some really cool earrings that I'm making, I have another photo journal to post, and I've drawn out the pattern for a new purse design, so if it sews together like I plan I'll be sharing it soon too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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