Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life Magazine - Time Machine

I love looking at old magazines. They are a fun step back in time. And while the articles can be fun to read, for me anyway, it's the ads that really tell the tale.
We went to an estate auction recently and one of the boxes of crap treasures we came home with had a 1954 Life Magazine in it. I'm going to reap a few blog posts from it, as it's a great issue all about fashion, but I'm going to start with one about the ads.
 Get a load at that price! $2.95 for the set. Do you know what complete sets of those Anchorglass Mixing Bowls sell for today? Ones in good condition bring over $100.00.. that's some appreciation rate!
 I love how the two women in this Briggs and Statton lawn mower ad are both mowing the grass in skirts. 

 What a fancy dress for admiring the new window air conditioner!

These just made me giggle. From the lady in the flamenco dancer dress who's constipation worries are over, the innovative step stool that lets housewives "work relaxed", and the woman who dreamed she flew a kite in her new Maidenform bra!

 Here's two more things we can all be thankful for. The invention of a better toilet bowl brush and the 10 key calculator!

Do you eat open face hot dogs with a knife and fork? I guess you'd have to! And how fun is this Libby's Pineapple juice ad?
 Never forget... if you want to win the boys, stay sweet as you are! And of course that starts with Listerine mouth wash! heheh
 I guess some things were lost in translation over the years. I'm not really sure how shrinking cotton causes you to be "swept away".. and besides.. when your waist is as small as your neck do you really need to worry about your clothes shrinking?

The "48 states" caught my attention. It wasn't for another five years after this magazine issue that Alaska and Hawaii joined the union and we became 50 states. 
 Due to my watch fetish I had to pay homage to this old Timex ad. I just don't know why the pups look so sad. They're advertising watches! What's there to be sad about?
And I guess after an evening of watching the little woman hang the wallpaper, she could go to the kitchen
where she could sit on her step stool and relax while she cooked dinner using her "pride and joy" Wear-Ever pots and pans! 

Thanks for stepping back in time with me. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. 

Have a great week :)

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  1. Great pictures! I love the dresses!

  2. Fun post! Love the old ads. They would be fun to frame as art. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness, too cute! My favorite is the man sitting in his easy chair smoking a pipe (inside!) while watching the woman hang wallpaper... oh how times have changed, and thankful that is has :)

  4. Hi Tammy what great fun this magazine is. Lovely graphics, thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. THIS was a GREAT post! lots of fun! :) Loved it!

  6. I love the old magazines too! A few years ago we found the one that was the date my in-laws married and gave it to them for the 50th anniversary. I had a lot of fun looking through it before we gave it away.

  7. What a great find! Love the 50's such a sweeter, simpler time and I just adore all the old fashion too.. The dresses are to die for!
    Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo party~
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  8. What a blast from the past! I love looking at vintage pictures like this--thanks for sharing!

  9. These are so much fun to look at. And I remember sitting on the floor with the record player...listening to records! What fun that was!

  10. oooooooooooh my! I love these old magazine ads! I can't get enough of these old ads. Magazines were so much less smutty and more darling & innocent back then. I love the one of the girl next to the record player. We need more messages like that in our media! so cute :)

    The House of Shoes

  11. HI there!!! This is fantastic!! LOVE it. Your blog is great too. I am your newest follower. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! You can find me at

    xoxoxo Hanna

  12. I love your 1954 vintage magazine..The only frightening piece is that makes me vintage...Blessings, Becky

  13. These are too much! Thanks for sharing them with us. They made me giggle. I'm also following you now through Bloglovin'