Sunday, March 31, 2013

Timeless Fashions

In looking for the perfect Easter dress I was reminded of an article a while back at RedbookBest Dresses for Your Age. Do you subscribe to Redbook's online publication? They have a lot of fun fashion related articles. I was reminded how timeless some fashions are as I flipped through their examples.They recommend The Shirtdress for the 20 somethings.

Look at this example from the 1940's.

Redbook also recommends this Little Black Dress for 20 somethings.
Compare that to this fun example from the 1960s

For women in their 30s, Redbook recommends a Shift Dress.
Here's another fun example of a shift dress. This one is from the 60's.

For women in their 40's they suggest this Lady Dress.
And if you sew, with this vintage pattern from the 50's, you could whip up your own.

For a more subdued suggestion for the 40 crowd, Redbook offers this Sheath Dress example.
And here's another vintage pattern of one practically the same.

Have a Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by :)

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