Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scarves Galore

Here's some scarves that I made and little about each one.
 I found the chiffon fabric on a clearance table for $1.00/yd at Hancock.. Gotta love the clearance fabric!
 The beads are a mix of new purchased and some that I salvaged from taking apart vintage jewelry that was either broken or ugly. The beading was tedious but the results were really worth it. After making a few different ones from bought fabric I decided to try one from a vintage lace table cloth.

 All of these 'pearls' are from vintage necklaces that I disassembled with some gold and pearl seed beads mixed in. I did a different one with a heavier lace table cloth, but I sold all of them to coworkers. Lots of female family members of my coworkers got handmade scarves for Christmas last year. I suppose if scarves stay in style till next Christmas I'll be back in the business again!

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