Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waxed Thread, Beads, and a Filipino Button

I was in the Philippines in April on business. I've been there before. There's a lot of down time at the hotel, and boredom is rampant. I wanted to take something to work on, but traveling 8,000 makes for very careful packing. Luggage space is at a premium, so waxed thread and beads seemed like a good choice.
I wanted to shop for fabric while I was there. In doing that I realized how cheap buttons were! Packs of 6 or 8 were less than $1, so I bought some of those too. Using one of my button finds I made this bracelet.

 I think the tan color worked nicely with the light blue beads.

I gave the bracelet to my daughter when I got back home. She's always loved the color light blue, so I knew she would like it. I'm making myself one now with red (my favorite color) and silver beads. I'll post pictures once I finish it.

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