Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jewelry Organizers

Mr. Showme has been busy making some really cool jewelry organizers. He's been experimenting and figuring out how to transfer a printed image directly to wood. This isn't decoupage or decals. The process is really neat the results are quite breath-taking.

These first two are images from vintage sewing patterns. The lady in the green dress and the next one with the pin-up are printed onto reclaimed cabinet doors.

This one is from a vintage pin-up.
Some old advertising.

And a couple that weren't printed images, but were stained glass.

Here's one showing how much jewelry you can get on the pegs that he attached around the frame. I'll have my own jewelry a bit more organized than this, but we wanted to show how much it would hold. They're in our Etsy shop if you want to see more pictures or any new ones as he posts them.


  1. LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!

  2. The Jewelry Organizers are AWESOME!!! how long does it take to create, and what are the price ranges??

  3. The vintage purses, never seen anything like them. Are they all cloth?