Thursday, October 20, 2011

Warrior Dash

Have you heard about the Warrior Dash? They're popping up in cities everywhere. Two of my friends from work competed in a local one this past weekend. They're the two on the left in this picture. We'll call this the "Before" picture. I don't know Russ as well as I do Jessica. I've worked with her much longer. She can be a bit of a germophobe. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Let me put it this way, when I told my husband that she was competing in the Warrior Dash and showed him Chris' post about the one that her husband competed in here,  his reply was, "Jessica's doing THAT???" heheh

See how clean and fresh they look here? This was taken before the 2 miles of rough terrain running followed by a mile or so of extreme obstacles. Things like walls to climb, both wooden and cargo nets, steps, hurdles, barricades, firemen poles, fires to leap over, and the mud...

The soupy mud with barbed wire strung across just to make sure you fully immerse yourself. That's Russ in the picture in the belly down stretched out position, with Jessica's sister in the lime green shirt behind.
 And this picture shows why following Russ through the mud pit isn't the best position to be in. Apparently, Russ is a kicker, hence her mud speckled face and mud mustache!
 They told me they kept slipping and sliding in the slick mud when trying to exit the pit, so they finally gave up and just rode out on their tushies.
And here's proof that they all survived. We'll call this the "After" picture. Russ said on his Facebook page that he had so much fun the day was in his top 10 and he's already looking at when and where there's another one that he can go to. Jessica had a blast too and since she just recently started running, she was especially proud of her achievement.. And the best thing that happened as a result of their competing in the Warrior Dash? Jessica's 6 year old son decided that for Halloween, instead of a hot dog, (yes, that's right... he wanted to be a hot dog!), he's changed his mind and wants to be a WARRIOR! rarrrrrrrr!!

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