Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yarn Bombs

I've been enjoying looking at pictures of yarn bombs on the web lately. Are you familiar with it? You probably are, sometimes I can be a little late to the dance. Plus, since I don't knit or crochet I don't typically seek out anything relating to those crafts. I think I stumbled upon it the first time through Pinterest. Here's a few examples.
A Google image search will bring up hundreds of pictures of all kinds of things that have been yarn bombed.
Things like statues,

mailboxes,                                     telephone booths, 


light poles,                                  and even a city bus!
I just love the added texture and colors they give to otherwise boring objects. I think my favorites are the potholes. Who knew you could "vandalize" something so unpleasant to look at and turn it in to a work of art? Have you yarn bombed anything?

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