Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Made A Blog Button!

Actually I we made two blog buttons! I we followed Bethany's instructions from In This {Crazy} Life that she shared at a link party. It was easy! Ok, Mr ShowMe had to help, but still.. I made the button image, I just needed some help with the image hosting part and finding the right link to the image. I already had a Flickr account, so instead of using Photobucket like Bethany did, I just put it there, and that gave me a little trouble... but we he figured it out. After making the easy one, I made a grabable one too!

I'm not sure about the collage. The button might be too small for that many images. I was trying to capture the variety of the things we make, but I may change the actual image in the future. Now that I know how to make the button, changing the image will be easy-peasy!

I'll have to add a Buttons page to my blog and put them there, but first I wanted to show them off.


  1. Great buttons, would not have tought it was your first time making one.
    Wish you a good day!

  2. Yea, Tammy! The buttons look fantastic! Im glad you figured it out, and thanks for the shout out :)

  3. Great job! It's fun to learn new things that add to you blog! Happy Thanksgiving! ♥