Saturday, November 19, 2011

Color Post 3 - Aqua / Turquoise

I've been seeing a lot of pictures lately with pops of aqua or turquoise. 

They've really been catching my eye. Red is still my favorite color, but I must say that aqua is a close second. Maybe it reminds me of fun 50's decor that I like so much. 
Or perhaps it's the connection to the ocean that I don't get to visit often enough. 
But whatever it is, I really love the look of a room with flashes of aqua or turquoise.

I've got a bathroom in my house in desperate need of a makeover. Maybe I could introduce a little aqua there. And speaking of red, I think I really like the two paired together. Hmmm... What if I made this shower curtain that I absolutely LOVE in a pretty shade of aqua,

accessorized with bright red towels and perhaps a rug, and added some artwork for the walls that pulls in both colors? Looks like my to-do list just got a little longer!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

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